Saturday, July 25, 2015

Purple Multi-layer card

Hi, there!

Today I want to share a purple multi-layer card with you.
I love purple colors so it was a pleasure to work with.
All in all I did thee layers of paper, a layer of tulle fabric and a bunch of embellishments.

I curled up and distressed some layers of paper. Here is a tip: you can easily curl up any type of paper by spraying a bit of water on it - that will damage fibers of paper and after you can do anything you want with it, but be careful not to rip it because the paper become fragile.
Yes, I know the card turned out pretty bulky. But that is exactly what I like! :) when you are holding it in your hands you feel want to touch it, to explore it from different angles. Of course it's not for mailing ;) 
But it wasn't a problem for me, because I gave it personally (in an envelope).

Have a good day!

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